Friday, August 14, 2009

5 Netbooks To Look Out For

Choosing the top 5 netbooks of your choice is pretty tough. The market is now flourished with an excellent range of new netbooks which are portable and easy to use. Time is an important factor in today`s world. Every minute of your life is valuable.

The new designs of the top five netbooks are very lucrative and the price is surely going to impress the buyers. A quick look at the 5 netbooks will give you a clear idea about the features and functionalities of this unique gadget:

To begin with let`s take a closer view at the Acer Aspire One which has an Intel Atom 270 processor with a 1 GB RAM. The best factor of this notebook is its secondary SD which increases its storage. The slim body is painted with lively colours. The Acer aspire one is one of the most commonly used notebooks. Acer aspire does not have Bluetooth and its battery life is quite low.

Second is the Asus Eee PC 901. Multitouch touchpad is its unique feature. Battery life of this notebook is exceptionally good. The notebook has in built Bluetooth and wireless radio. The notebook has a glossy finish and a gorgeous look. Spiffy in performance and easy to use, Asus Eee PC 901 is one of the most recommendable notebooks.

The third in line among is acquired by the Asus Eee PC 1000H. The 10.2 inch screen and the extremely comfortable keyboards are the two best features of this notebook. The notebook is ideal for those who have to work even while touring. Excellent battery life paired with Intel atom CPU makes it a wonderful package.

The HP Compaq 2133 with a VIA processor is another wonderful netbook. Inexpensive, portable, and a broad keyboard are its main feature. It is considered to be among the best of mini netbooks. The battery life is not much impressive but still it attracts buyers for its excellent functionality and portable size. The notebook is claimed to have the best keyboard.

The MSI wind netbook is teh next. The notebook posses a large screen and battery life is pretty good if not excellent. There is no integrated BG but the keyboard is amazing. The device is one of the most recommended notebooks across the globe. Dealers and buyers both claim that MSI wind is the best notebook available in the market.

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