Saturday, August 1, 2009

7 Points to Ponder Before U Purchase a Computer

The decision to by a new desktop computer or a laptop is not a hugely expensive proposition. You need to have adequate knowledge about the ins and outs of buying a computer because it can save you both time and money, as well as spare you with the hassles and loss of productivity when you make the wrong choice. Consider some of these points when purchasing a new desktop or laptop computer.


How much can you afford to spend? Given today’s economic crisis, this is the single most imp
ortant question when buying. Just because there are many financing methods in purchasing a computer, it doesn’t mean you can buy the really expensive ones. Unless you are confident you can pay for it, do not bother choosing credit over cash again. Determine the right budget for your computer, and have the willpower to stay within that budget.


What is the computer for? Think about your personal intended function. A businessman/ woman may have different
ideals about his/ her computer from that of a college student. A teenager may want a computer built for hours and hours of fun with computer games, while a filmmaker may want to have an enormous storage space for his movie files. Some models have functions that you do not need and will add to the cost. A laptop with all the features and hi-tech accessories may seem cool, but you may just be wasting your hard-earned dollars.


How does it feel when you use it? Are you comfortable with its size and weight? Do your fingers fit perfectly unto the keyboard? Make sure the laptop makes it easy for you to use. Just as you need to test drive a car, you need to test type your computer.


There are many sad stories about people being trapped in high interest finance arrangements, as well horror stories about fraudulent acts done by unscrupulous financiers. Avoid this by entering into completely legitimate dealerships. Even if the interest rate would be higher than the usual, make sure you will be dealing with safe financiers. After all, u cant put a price tag on security.


How long is the warranty period? Obviously, you would want a longer period. Many people do not realize how important the warranty is until the day the computer needs to be repaired, and often it’s already too late as the warranty has expired. Read the fine print and don’t hesitate to ask questions with your dealer. Make sure you get a good deal from the warranty. Take advantage of it; you might regret it when it expires.


What comes with the computer? Some dealerships offer additional accessories like a printer, speakers, or head phones. You better get a hold of these sweet deals because they will provide the best value for your money.

User reviews

Finally, how did other people find your computer of choice? Visit the web and read your computer’s reviews. This way you would have an idea of what people think of the brand you intend to purchase, and hopefully the reviews would aid you further in your decision.

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