Friday, August 14, 2009

The Different Computer Problems And The Ways To Avoid Them

Slowing down of processing speed - lack of maintenance
Computers need to be regularly checked and maintained for corrupted registry, spyware, and loading of unnecessary programs that eat much of your pc's memory.

Increasing the running time of your computer may involve cleaning up its registry and managing the programs.

Frozen screens are another annoyance. Imagine doing something important and then the computer suddenly stops responding. While this problem may not be easy to diagnose, spyware or virus may be responsible for this. Updating your anti-spyware software is one way to prevent this problem.

Computer virus protection is another extremely useful feature of most computers. This software detects and eliminates computer viruses that may attack your system. Thus, it prevents possible computer virus induced damage.

If no virus or spyware is found, or if they are checked and fixed, and still your pc unit freezes, then check if you have updated your hardware drives. Another cause may be insufficient memory. Thus, upgrading the RAM is another solution to increase computer power.

On some instances, your pc keeps rebooting repeatedly. This is mainly a hard drive problem. Check the power supply in this case. If the cooling fan of your pc does not work properly, your computer may reboot unexpectedly. Dust accumulation in your unit may cause build up of heat that leads to computer failure.

Other components may be subject to occasional failures. For instance, printers may not print. In this case, check power supply and connections. If it is loosely connected to the unit then that may be the problem. Jammed paper inside the printer may also be a culprit. Check printer settings. In some instances, you may need to install the printer software again.

The bottom line of this is basically maintenance of your computer because this is the way to keep it working properly for long. However, you may quite benefit well with computer disaster recovery to back up files and data so everything is secure during emergency cases.

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