Saturday, August 1, 2009

What are opendns servers and how can they improve your surfing experience ?

We all are always searching for ways to improve the speed of the internet connection. We might be using a dial-up connection, a DSL connection or any other connection we want it to be even faster. The basic thing about DNS servers is “THEY RESOLVE THE HOST NAME TO A SPECIFIC IP ADDRESS”.

When we enter a web address in our browser (, our browser doesn’t know where the site kannani is located.

To find the specific address of the site in terms of IP address, the DNS server is contacted first which converts the hostname ( to ip address ( which is the exact address of the server which is hosting the site.

In order to be able to retrieve the IP adress fast, the DNS servers i.e the computers which do the conversion must be fast enough but the DNS servers that our ISP's' provide are not fast enough.

This is where OpenDNS comes into action. OpenDNS provides a reliable and faster DNS service and the best thing is it is totally free. They are having their DNS servers located all over the world from which the server which is located near you will be used to resolve your DNS queries.


The steps to use the DNS servers of OpenDNS are very easy.

In windows XP,

from the Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections.
It would list out the options for Internet and Network connections options.
Then select Network Connections option.
It would open up a window, listing out ur existing connections.
Right click any of ur connections and select the properties of the connection you are using,
then scroll down to the bottom of the General Tab,
where you will find the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
Click the properties button.
This would open Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties,
under General Tab, Select the radio button
"Use the following DNS Server Addresses",
following which change the values of the DNS servers to manual
(if its initially automatic) and set the values to-

OpenDNS not only provides a faster DNS service but also protects us from pishing sites, sites containing malware etc. You can even set shortcuts to your favourite sites and block unwanted sites if your family has children.

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